With a grant from the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, RWF is currently working to restore 1,200 acres of forest land in eastern Lake County, MN—an area that has been growing aspen and balsam after being logged approximately 20 years ago. As part of this initiative, RWF hired a contractor last fall to thin out areas of young aspen to allow for more sunlight.

The result: pine species that will be able to grow more quickly with a 20-30 year head start (as opposed to the 40 years you would typically expect to wait for regrowth after logging).

This spring, the thinned-out areas were planted with red and white pine. These areas will be revisited in the fall to cut back new growth and further allow the pine to thrive.

The remainder of the project will be completed in 2024, with the potential to pursue additional funding for continued work.