Our mission is straightforward: The Rajala Woods Foundation is committed to restoring long-lived tree species in their native habitat, creating healthy, resilient forests that will provide value for centuries.

Currently, many northern forests are stuck in a rut, caught up in a rotation of fast-growing but shorter-lived aspen, birch, and balsam fir. While these tree species can be ecologically and economically valuable, if not properly managed these stands will begin to decline after a handful of decades, increasing the risk of destructive wildfire and insect infestation. Unfortunately, it takes significant investment and commitment to “reboot” these northern forests, and in some cases it’s all too easy for landowners and managers to walk away from struggling forests.

That’s where the Rajala Woods Foundation steps in. At RWF, we believe that many northern forests are prime candidates for restoration, and we know how to make that transformation happen. Modern forestry practices, applied in the right places at the right times, break that short-term rotation cycle and make a lasting difference in how the forested landscape looks, feels, and functions. With our rich experiences as foresters, land managers, and environmental scientists – coupled with our tendency to roll up our sleeves and get right to work – RWF is well-positioned to play a key role in restoring the Upper Midwest’s unique native forests for the long haul.

While our mission may be straightforward, it’s not one we can accomplish by ourselves. That’s why we partner with private and public entities, from local breweries to national conservation organizations. Together, we can, and will, restore our northern forests.

If you’re interested in helping, please consider making a donation of land or money to the RWF.